Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penny for my thoughts?

I read something on PostSecret a few weeks back, where someone revealed that they thought all their problems would be solved if food didn't have calories.  I thought, "Yes! Exactly! Like I mean that's just...yea, they get it."

Then I realized, I don't have to worry about food and calories, because based on my current financial prospects...in about 2 months I'm going to be flat broke and eating Ramen every night anyhow.  Yay for excessive sodium!

See, here's the thing, I'm friggin' poor.  Clearly I learned nothing from our nation's most recent fiscal struggles.  I watched "True Life: I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle" and thought, "Wow, that must be really difficult, I'm so glad I'm not in that position, and that I'm not a former Wall Street d-bag."  I suppose I should've paid more attention because guess what? I can no longer afford my lifestyle.

I blame society really, I mean, no one tells you that when you leave college, and start supporting yourself, that you HAVE TO STOP LIVING LIKE A COLLEGE STUDENT!  Did you know that? Oh you did?  Well screw you beyotch, I didn't.  No more meal plans, free stuff, and book buy-backs to get you through the winter and summer months.  What a raw deal!

So here's where I find myself, 25 years old, hopelessly gorgeous with an absolutely sparkling personality (okay, maybe that's stretching it, you've read the post, you know what's up), and pretty much flat broke.  Here are the stats:

Checking Account-$100
Credit Card Balance-$4,700
Amount needed to get back on solid financial footing-$10,000 (by my estimate)

Yea, those numbers aren't good, especially when you consider that I've chosen to live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the District of Columbia, that I can't cook to save my life and so eat almost every meal out, and that my social life forces me to drink away about 50% of my disposable income with my borderline alcoholic friends (love you guys!).  I know the situation could be a lot worse, and I am so lucky that right now I am out of school, with a job, and only myself to support.  I truly empathize with those people who are in different circumstances.  The intention here is to keep myself from getting into even more trouble than I'm already in, to put the brakes on my descent into squalor. 

A change needs to be made if I want to save myself from the perils of moving back home.  That's what this blog is about.  I'll be tracking my journey (hopefully) out of debt over the coming months.  I'll share my many ill conceived ideas to save money, post advice from family, friends, and experts, and hopefully tell a good story or two along the way.

If you've invested your time in reading this intro post, then I think you should go ahead and follow along.  At the very least you get to laugh at someone else's problems for a minute.  Schadenfreude! 

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