Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SIA 2.0: Day 4

Good late morning amigos!  It is the brunching hour, and as such I write to you whilst I starve, trying to hold off on eating my lunch until at least noon.  Luckily, it's just Chicken Noodle Soup today (Chicken Noodle Soup with a soda on the side), so there's not too much temptation to resist.

By the way, in case you missed it yesterday, my blog for the Fair Elections Legal Network was posted!  Check it out! I'm really smart about fair elections, I swear.

Before I go any further, today I have a shout out for Hot Donna's friend Unpronounceable who complimented my taste in beer after reading that I enjoy Loose Cannon from the Heavy Seas brewery.  Loose Cannon-officially endorsed by EricaNeedsABailout.Blogspot.Com!  If I write this enough times, maybe they'll send me some free beer?  Please? 

I understand if at this point you guys are having some trouble keeping track of my code names, so here's a brief refresher:

Jefe-Friend whom I helped move to a sketchy neighborhood
Smirnoff-Friend who went to "Ay Carmela!" with Jefe and I
Hot Donna-My Roommate
Unpronouceable-Hot Donna's friend who likes beer
Harmony-My football-watching companion
Meredith Grey-My Friend who sent me the awesome budget spreadsheet

I think that covers everyone so far...let me know if I missed anyone.

To recap yesterday's spending journey, I was expense free save for reloading my Metro card which fits squarely into my "transportation" expense category.  Other than that, it was a completely free day!

I am noticing an alarming trend, however, with regards to my aspiration to cook at home more.  You see readers, I sometimes start the day thinking, "Wow, what a rare occurence, there is nothing on my social calendar this evening.  That's strange, is that right?  Geez, it is!  A night to myself...I don't even know what to do with myself, I know!  I'll cook!"

As you may remember reading earlier, one of the goals of SIA 2.0 is to cook more so that I eat out less/potentially spend less on groceries by using things I've had in my pantry for ages.  The problem is this.  I have a very glamorous day job.  I literally spend hours on end sitting at my desk, drinking terrible coffee, watching Hulu, and scanning my Google Reader which consists of such advanced blogs as GoFugYourself, Wonkette, and Eat the Damn Cake.  Readers, it is simply EXHAUSTING.

By the time I get home, my aspirations to channel my inner Jose Andres (my most favorite chef ever) and make baked salmon in parchment with a maple glaze and avocado foam on a bed of rosemary infused rice finished with salsa "air" (because it is Jose Andres-inspired), have become simple whispers inaudible over my other thoughts which say, "Just eat these tortilla chips until you are not hungry anymore."  This leaves me with fewer supplies in my pantry, and no freezable leftovers or lunches for the next few days.

So what do I do?  I know a lot of you manage to sustain the working/cooking balance with great success, am I using the wrong recipes? Is there a certain order of things I should follow when I get home?  What works for you guys?  I'm looking for recipes, tips, anything...post your thoughts in the comments and I'll include them in a summary blog post tomorrow.  Please, I'm so desperate and I only have half a bag of tortilla chips left! 

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  1. First things first: If you are going to start cooking,I'm requesting these: http://www.missmake.com/2011/09/make-your-own-reeses-pumpkins.html

    So, you know I in the past have spent a Saturday cooking things that freeze well and stocking up for more than a month or so (yep, I'm a freezer hog). This works for both lunch and dinner.

    Also, dinner doesn't have to be complicated. Stock up on some frozen steam bags of veggies, and some easily defrostable proteins (think small chicken breasts, chicken sausage, ham slices, etc) and either stick one on the counter to defrost or defrost it in water when you get home. With that combo you can have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes. Stir fry sauce is also a wonderful thing, all you need is veggis and some chicken and you're good to go.

    Also, I find I get really bored with these easy dinners if I don't mix it up a bit. Though experiment cautiously. Chicken baked in spicy mustard is not delicious.