Friday, September 30, 2011

SIA 2.0: Day 7 The One (Well, Two) Week Mark! Woot!

Hello, all!  And, a weekly "hello" to my international readers in Russia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia, great to have you on board, mates!  I hope you find this blog isn't too much of a dog's breakfast and you give me and my humor a fair crack of the whip.  To my non-Aussie readers, I should tell you, that last sentence is made up of phrases from an "Aussie Lingo" postcard I have hanging in my office that a former coworker, now friend, sent a few months ago.  Crikey!

I am in an excellent mood today readers, and do you know why?  THERE IS A NEW ADELE VIDEO OUT OH EM GEEEEE! For those of you who don't know me on a personal or even peripheral level, I am what you call "clinically obsessed" with Adele.  When I went to her show at the 9:30 club earlier this summer, I dressed up as her.  Maybe you don't understand the gravity of that statement, we're not talking about a 10 year old at a Selena Gomez concert, or a lesbian at a Bieber show here; I, a 25 year old woman, dressed up as Adele at her concert at the 9:30 club.  I am that serious.  If you've not seen the video yet, do yourselves a favor:

Isn't she just incredible?! And she looks great I would add!  

Okay, enough Adelation (get it? huh?).  It turns out my mother finally read the blog yesterday, on accident at work apparently.  She found it "quite amusing".  Gracias Momz!  Anyhow, she was very excited to share with me a money saving tip.  You see, my mother recognizes that I am a member of DC's social elite, and that I may have a slight drinking problem because I go to happy hour about 3 times a week.  Thus she said to me, "Erz," she said, "I don't know if they do this in DC," (my mom considers DC to be very high class), "but you should find some happy hours with free buffets." 

Normally I would've laughed at her for being "old school".  I mean, the image that pops into my head when I think of happy hours with buffets is of a bunch of people standing around a Holiday Inn bar in the 70s eating whatever they ate in the 70s, fondue I guess.  The only modern day version of this I am acquainted with is the McFaddens "Taco Tuesday" trend...which is both a health and safety violation if you ask me.

Normally, I would've said that readers, except when I was speaking with my mom, I was actually coming home from one such happy hour. I can hear you gasping.  Calm down, breathe, I did NOT go to McFaddens.  I mean, please, have a little faith readers.  Actually this happy hour took place at Casa Nonna in Dupont Circle.  I went with my friend Barcelona (that's her code name, I didn't forget a "from" there corrector-mccorrectorsons), who has as much an appreciation for wine and free food as I do. We were able to get away with splitting one of their "quartitos" (basically a half bottle) of wine, coming out to about $8 each, plus we had some amazing food samplings.  I'm not talking your normal mozzarella sticks and hot wings here (though I die for mozzarella sticks and hot wings, is it football Sunday yet-speaking of, watch out Jets, the Ravens are coming for you, I can't wait to shut Rex Ryan the f' up if-you-know-what-I-mean-okay, rant over).  No, these were A+ food offerings friends.  Squash ravioli, rabbit crostinis (sorry childhood pet Thumper, R.I.P), sausage calzones, grilled vegetable skewers, all for free!

Basically, I had an $8 dinner with wine, and the place was not crowded at all.  I highly recommend it.  Casa Nonna does these happy hours Monday-Friday between 5 and 8 PM.

Well that wraps it up for the week, readers, stop back on Monday when I'm sure to have a couple movie reviews, a tally of my savings/debt reductions so far, and so much more, so much more.

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday....good luck getting that out of your head now.  Haha!

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