Thursday, September 15, 2011

SIA: Day One

Well, here we go, day one of the "Spending Ice Age", which I've abbreviated to the "SIA", coincidentally also the name of one of my favorite singers, have you heard any of her stuff other than "Breathe Me" you pseudo-emo readers, you?  No?  Do yourself a favor, check this out:

Okay, so the video is a bit wacked, but the song is very much fun.  Now, back to the SIA (all caps).  Today is the very first day, so far I have spent no money except for a few dollars on a pre-paid metro card.  Theoretically, I shouldn't have to pay for anything today except two cabs to get to/from my friend's place to help him move.  Yes, I am fully aware that this is kind of "cheating", because why can't I just take mass transit?  Well, I will answer that question with a question; would you, say you were a gorgeous female traveling alone, venture out to one of the most dangerous areas of the city without a little cabbie protection?  I thought not.

You may ask yourselves, why would the friend of clearly such a well-to-do urbanite live in such squalor?  Two words: cheap rent.  Yes, economic living runs in my circle of amigos, thus I find myself moving boxes from one shifty neighborhood to another in the middle of the night (when they could get the cheapest ZipCar, see how smart we are?!)

Anyhow, I'm finding on this first day that I want to buy things more than ever.  Suddenly the soup I brought from home for lunch is unappealing, I desperately want to go to friends' comedy shows that I've never given a second thought before, and my shoes seem a bit more disheveled than yesterday, I MUST GET A NEW PAIR!  But no, if anything these thoughts show I am addicted to irresponsible spending, and this is just the withdraw phase.  I must soldier on through the coming month and stick to my pledge.  It'll be worth it in the end, right? Please say that's right.

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