Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SIA: Day Six...Really? Only Day Six?

Well, hello!  I didn't see you there.  I'd say "Guten Tag", but it would seem my German reader has mysteriously disappeared from my Page Views, no "Guten Tag" for you!  Russia's still hanging with me though, so I can't be too upset.

In other news, I sort of bent the rules of the SIA yesterday.  Not only did I buy beer at a local grocery store, but I also took a cab home from my friend's place.  In my mind, I justified this as pertaining to the "groceries" and "transportation" sections of my necessities budget, but I'm not sure that's quite fair game.  I suppose I could've metro'ed home and avoided drinking altogether, but it was social drinking, so I feel like it fits into the modified plan I created yesterday.

Speaking of, I've heard but one comment on that modified plan (thank you random commenter with a string of letters and numbers as a name, whose identity I'm pretty sure I know)...where are the rest of you, readers?  I work so hard for you, why don't you love me? Now that I'm not buying food, I'm sustaining myself on attention.  Feed me!

The social drinking took place at a group viewing of the Glee premiere. I'll keep the identities of those who watched with me a secret, I know for some of them that Glee is a secret shame.  They all had seen the 3D movie too, just saying.  While we're on the subject of the Glee premiere, I've got a couple of thoughts, allow me to present them as a sort of good v. bad list (oh, and I should probably say something like SPOILER ALERT for those of you that haven't seen it, see readers? I look out for you, all I want is for you to like me.  Please like me!):

  • Opening the season with the same funny "news update" as last year: Good!
  • Having Will Schuester awkwardly wake up next to Emma and tell her he has morning wood: Bad! (Sidenote-Did they do the deed yet? That was not made clear, I'm thinking no.)
  • Cutting the Sam/Mercedes plot-line short and instead having the chubby black girl date a chubby black guy, *yawn*-Bad!
  • Bringing Blaine to WMHS-Good!
  • Everything Blaine wore that was not a Warblers uniform-Bad!
  • Having the two whitest characters on the show sing a song from "The Wiz"-Bad!
  • Making Quinn a "Skank"-Good!
  • Quinn's lowered weird voice after becoming a "Skank"-So bad! Seriously, was she going for a Christian Bale as Batman thing?
  • More Mike Chang-Good! Thank you sir, may I have another?
  • Rachel and Kurt realizing they're maybe not so special after all-Good! An ego check was really needed.
  • The incorporation of one of "The Glee Project" winners-Good! Can't wait for Damien!
  • Ending the show with "You Can't Stop the Beat"-ORGASMIC, seriously.

Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments.  In summation, I bent on the SIA a bit, but today I should be back in the "no spending" zone, everything on my agenda is free, free, free.  Look out for a week in review update tomorrow with updated totals!  Get excited!

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