Friday, September 16, 2011

SIA: Day Two

One day down, roughly 30 more to go.  Yesterday actually ended up being cheaper than I thought, as my amazing friends who were moving into an amazing apartment in an amazi- well, umm -let's just say "in a neighborhood", offered to drive me home after helping them and paid for my dinner out of their gratitude.  Considering that I didn't do much except look pretty next to their truck while they lifted increasingly heavy boxes, I'd say they overpaid.

That brings us to today!  Another day of unexpected frugality!  You know, loyal readers, that I am attending a wedding this weekend.  It's actually a pretty emotional time for me as the person getting married was my kindergarten boyfriend.  We spent many wonderful afternoons together, couples skating at Skateland, trading crayon drawings of...of scribbles basically, let's be honest, and sipping sweet juice boxes together at the lunch table.  Then in second grade he switched classrooms and sent his new girlfriend over to my cubbyhole at the end of the day with a Post-It note saying he broke up with me.  YES I GOT BROKEN UP WITH ON A POST IT NOTE!  And I did it before Carrie Bradshaw made it "cool", okay? Okay.

Anyway, I was going to have to pay to take a train home this weekend for the wedding, but it turns out my wonderful father has the day off and has offered to drive down and pick me up. Yay Dad!  Also, when I arrived at work today, some angel sent from God had set out trays of breakfast pastries in our kitchen.  Free breakfast, woot!  I will still need to pay for my friend's Wedding Card (is that a thing? I mean, you say "Birthday Card" and "Thank You Card", but do you ever say "Wedding Card"?), so that will set me back a few dollars, and I need to reload my metro card...but other than that, I shouldn't encounter any other expenses today...I'm on a roll!

Tomorrow is the wedding, so there will likely be no entry.  But I already know that I'll be spending money on drinks and the gift, so I'll factor that in on Sunday...which is also the maybe what I meant to say there is that I'll factor it in on Monday.

Happy weekend all!


  1. If you spent the time you took writing this blog to get a second wouldn't be in debt.

  2. If you spent the time you took writing that comment to give me $5, I'd already be on my way out of debt!

    But, excellent observation brave commenter "G-Cubed"...and procuring other jobs outside of my all ready full time glamorous DC desk job is part of my plan. Stop with the spoilers, geez! Thanks for reading.