Monday, September 19, 2011

SIA: Days Three and Four

Good morning dear readers!  And a very special "alo" to my readers in Russia and Germany!  Not sure how you guys found the blog, but I hope you are enjoying it.

Well, before I begin detailing my spending-free weekend, let me just tell you about the trek that was my journey into work this morning.  It was the commute from hell, and I know my friend Mike Kohn over at Borderstan would sincerely NOT approve.

So I get up relatively easily, get ready quickly and get out the door a little earlier than usual.  Things are going great, the weather is loverly (spelling on purpose, points if you can identify the reference!) - Fall has definitely graced DC with it's presence - and I am able to get to the metro and on a train quickly.  As I slide onto the train car (between two ladies who are purposely blocking the door so they can use the mini-walls next to it as leaning posts), I try to grab a rail to my right.  At this point readers I should tell you that I am what they call "a short ass bitch" so I live and die by the metro rails.  Anyhoo, I was unable to access that particular rail because some little lady had wrapped her arm around it and was leaning against it with her entire body.  

"Oh?", I thought, "You've claimed that entire pole for yourself, have you?  Not really willing to share, are we?  Well that's okay, I can tell by the copy of Lolita in your bag...which has been generously annotated to bring it down to your reading level that you must not be the brightest bulb on the line.  That must suck, please, by all means, usurp that clearly have practice doing that (if you know what I mean)."

I'm so bad, but these are things I only think, and never say...except maybe passive aggressively with a comment whispered under my breath or an eye-roll.

At this point I grab the rail to my left which a pleasant woman is happily willing to share and away we go.  Once we arrive at the next stop, however, this begin to go TERRIBLY AWRY!  The train operator wants everyone to get where they are going - fast - so he barely lets the door open before slamming it closed again.  Apparently, someone was not ready for this and got either themselves or something on their person stuck in one of the doors.  The doors open...more people climb in...the doors shut people...close. Honestly, for ten minutes the doors were opening and closing more than Lady Gaga's mouth at a Gay Pride rally...because she's talking...geeezzzz, get your heads out of the gutter.

So, I know where this is headed, and you probably do too...I kill everyone on the train Chuck Norris style.


They eventually offload the entire train and I have to walk the rest of the way to work.  I was late, but as most of you know, I hate my job so I didn't really care.

My commitment to the SIA was tested during this ordeal, because there was nothing I wanted more after getting out of the devil cave that was the metro station than a giant, extra shot, Pumpkin Spice Latte (a moment of silence in reverie of this angelic beverage, por favor-aaaahaaaahAAAhaaaaaaaaaaah - that's me singing it's heavenly praises).  But I stayed strong and got to work just in time to get a hot steaming cup of mediocre drip coffee - sarcastic "yum".

Well, this entry is dragging on, so let me give you a quick breakdown of the spending situation over the past few days.  As expected, I had to pay for my friend's wedding gift and several drinks at the after party (well deserved drinks, I might add).  Thankfully, due to the generosity of my parents and the wedding reception, I didn't have to pay for any meals over the weekend, and was able to stick to my SIA religiously.

Tonight will be another test as I'm going to watch Monday Night Football at a local bar.  Can you enjoy a game at a bar and not eat wings and drink beer?  Isn't that unfair to the bartenders/waiter?  But my social life will suffer if I don't go!  Oh the drama of it all...


  1. YES you can have fun (and cheap) afternoon while watching the football game. Another AmeriCorps member and I went to watch the game on Sunday and ordered an iced tea. Talk about will power.

  2. Iced tea?! During football?! I bow down to the Queen of Frugality. I'll see if I can emulate your strength this Sunday!