Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hey y'all!  Welcome back to the blog!  As you may or may not know, we have come to the end of the first week of my Spending Ice Age (copyright pending).  The week has been easier than I thought it might be, but still no picnic, and I will admit that I cheated just a smidgen yesterday.  Read along, and make sure to stay with me to the end when I'll make a SWEEPING DECLARATION (ooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaah).  

Before the SIA commenced, I had plans to go to a documentary with a coworker, which I thought was safe because it was free.  However, I was tempted by some cheap appletinis and tortilla espanola into going to a happy hour at a nearby restaurant called Panache.  By the way, I fully endorse Panache's HH, the drinks were great and cheap and the selection of HH foods was am-ah-zing.  Plus, the place is super classy so you can feel like Anna Wintour whilst chowing down on some wings (as if the Queen Wintour would ever!).  Plus, there was bread service!  At the happy hour! Talk about a gold mine.

Clearly, this was not an opportunity I could pass up, but I kept my total down by sticking to two drinks and one food item.  The documentary we went to after was also exceptional, if you get a chance to check it out you rully should, like rully rully, it's called "Precious Knowledge" and it will hopefully be streaming online in the near future.  Here's the trailer:

Yet another example of why Jan Brewer sucks...hard.  Yea, that's right Jan Brewer, you are terrible and I gotta say, I don't like you very much.  Come at me, Brewer, come at me!  But please avoid my face/hair, it's, in the words of my good friend Todd, "the moneymaker".

Speaking of making money, you may have noticed that ads have been placed on the blog.  Google has a great feature that allows you to sign up to put ads on your blog for free and then they send you whatever money you end up making on them.  I anticipate this will earn me at least an additional $.50 (that's right, cents) a month.  Rollin' in those dolla' dolla' bills y'all.

Let's get to the stone cold facts of the matter, here is where I stand after a week of the SIA:

Savings-$505.98 (a gain of $5.98)
Checking Account-$200.00 (double what it was last week, but still not awesome)
Credit Card Debt-$4,456.68 (a decrease of $243.32! pat on the back for me!)

Clearly, parts of the SIA are working, while I'm not gaining a lot in savings, I am (at least this week) chipping away at my credit card debt.  However, I don't think I'm forming any habits that are going to be sustainable solutions to my spending.  

As such, I've spoken with my mother, coworkers, biffles, and my therapist/financial adviser...and I've decided to make a SWEEPING DECLARATION...brace yourselves... drum-roll it is:


Yes that's right boys, girls, and in-betweens, I have thought over some changes to the SIA that I think will help me continue to save money, and develop good long term spending habits.  These are the new rules:

  1. No spending money alone...this means no movies by myself, no delivery meals, no shopping, no books, DVDs, clothes, anything that is meant for me to enjoy by myself (that's what she said).
  2. No concessions at movies unless they are free (I'm a Regal Cinema P.I.M.P so sometimes I get free stuff there, don't hate.)
  3. No alcohol when dining out, as well as no appetizers, requests that result in up-charges, or desserts.
  4. Only 2 drinks can be purchased when out drinking socially (meaning I will be pre-gaming with a lot of $3 buck chuck and Andre-where-the-hell-is-my-chiffon-Spumante in the coming months)
  5. Only one purchased lunch allowed per week.
  6. Only one gourmet coffee purchase allowed per week-and no pastries, fatty!

With these rules combined, I think I can keep saving money and paying down my debt, while not slipping into a deep depression from lack of human contact.  After the first week of this "SIA 2.0" as I like to call it, I'll start adding on new things to try each week.  Things like, cooking at home every night for a week, finding a random "gig" on Craigslist, trying to sell trash I found behind my apartment know, the usual.  Come with me fair readers, it promises to be interesting.


  1. Does not eating "alone" include delivery with one's roommate?

  2. I think that SIA 2.0 is a much more sustainable thing! Bon chance.

  3. @Yvonne - Not if my roommate proposes the idea of delivery instead of me!

    @Emily M - Thank you for your support. Clearly, I'm spending my time nowadays doing something equally as important as you, just kidding, of course.