Friday, October 28, 2011

Ah! Halloween Weekend!

Ghoul-d Afternoon, readers!  See what I did there? Sorry for the punny-ness, but as many of you know, I love holiday festive-ness, and as Halloween weekend has almost arrived, I am in overdrive.

I was an epic-fail when I went on my search for paper coupons yesterday.  I got some circulars in my mail box, but they were just advertising store specials, and not offering any additional coupons. LAME!

So this Sunday should be the big extreme couponing trip, we'll see how it goes...I am very pessimistic at this point.  Woe is me dear readers...or should I say, "Poe" is me?  Get it? Because of the writer, and he was spooky, and okay...that wasn't my best work, I admit it.

In other news, my aunt "Renaissance" is my reader of the week!  While she did not guess the Jell-O color correctly (it is orange, she guessed green) she was the only guess and by default is the winner! Woot! It's apropos because she also tipped me off to Hillary's scrunchie wearing earlier in the week.  Gracias Aunt Renaissance! Can you guess the origin of your code name?

That's about it for today. Sorry this post is so weak sauce, I just don't have a lot to update on, but just you wait for Monday, Henry Higgins, I'll have updates on the extreme couponing, as well as pictures of the "Jell-O" and my Halloween costume! Get excited, that's an order!

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  1. Hooray, I have a code name. I am still working on figuring out the origin, but I will get it soon, I'm sure.