Friday, October 7, 2011

Countdown to First Goal Week

Well good morning friends!  Today is such a lovely day.  The office is quiet and my tasks today at work are mainly IT related (which is hilarious because my skills on computers are equitable to Brian Fellow's skills in Zoology), the weather is nice, and I'm finally checking out the food truck phenomenon know as "Farragut Fridays".

PLUS I was featured in's weekly round up!  How exciting!  Check that blog out it is both hilarious and informative.

Yesterday I managed to spend almost nothing, except for a few dollars on health grocery staples (which may or may not have included Ben and Jerry' me, it may or may not have been a necessity at the time).  Oh! Plus, the business cards came for the blog! Here is a terrible picture of them, yay!:

I ordered them from VistaPrint and paid about $6 shipping and they came fast and correct.  You may ask what I plan to do with these babies.  The short answer is, I'm not sure.  This morning I put one in the "coin return" slot of a Metro card machine.  I figure on leaving one of them with every receipt I sign, in the mailboxes of my neighbors, and just generally make in rain business cards in DC.

Tonight is my friend GT's (short for Gin and Tonic) birthday and I fully intend on taking the cards to the bar with me and handing them out to strangers.  If I remember, I'll bring a camera and try to get some reaction shots, both for humor and to prove I am actually doing this.  Over the next few weeks I'll track changes in page viewz on the site and see if the cards seem to be making any significant difference.

What are your thoughts team?  Any ideas for places to distribute these or things to do with them?  Make a dress out of them, mayhaps?  Don't test me readers, I once wore a scarf as a skirt, it was both bad-ass and a terrible idea.  If it wasn't for the glory of Spanx, all of U St. would've been invited to a very public peep show that night, if you get my drift.  Come to think of it, with a little tweaking, that outfit could've worked...maybe I'll give it a shot this weekend, to the horror of my friends, I'm sure.  Anyhow, I'll try to enact as many of your suggestions as possible and take pictures to prove I am doing will be hilarious!

Well, though this is a very short post, I think that's about all I've got for today.  Be sure to check my Twitter account (@ericasbailout) later today for reviews of Farragut Friday.  This weekend promises to be very exciting, my biffle Amelia Bedilia is visiting, movies are planned, adventures await, so be sure to check back Monday to see how it all shook down for me financially.  It will be a test of my strength of will and wallet.

Plus, don't forget that Monday will be the start of the first weekly goal!  I'm still accepting ideas for goals, but I might go with preparing every meal at home for a week.  What say yee?

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  1. Farragut Friday! I am super jealous you work by there. I miss it.