Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Four of No Meals/Beverages Out, the Struggle Commences

Oh boys and girls I'm starting to feel it.  I haven't had a non-home-cooked meal in over 72 hours and things are getting crazy.  I'm craving high-sodium foods like french fries (which I won't even attempt to make myself) and having delusions of grandeur and buffalo wings.  Why buffalo wings, you ask? Hot Donna had them for dinner last night and they looked amazing.  

I probably wouldn't have noticed so much except that when contrasted with my dinner, there was a clear flavor deficiency on my end.  I decided to make these frozen crab cakes I got from Safeway's Waterfront Bistro collection, you see.  Now, as I am from the great state of Maryland, I have a very high bar for crab cakes, which may lead you to wonder why I purchased frozen ones in the first place.  My thinking was this: even a bad crab cake is better than 95% of everything else out there, unless it has carrots in it.  I hate when people put carrots in crab cakes, sacrilege.

Anyhow they ended up, surprisingly, being not so goodly; even though I sauteed them in olive oil and everything and they looked amazing.  It was a real wah-wah-waaaaaaaah let down moment and I went to bed wishing I could just give my good friends at Wingos a call.

Tonight my willpower will be tested again as I am going to a happy hour with delicious drinks and food and I can't partake.  Anyone have any ideas as to how I can bend the rules on this?

In other exciting new, tonight I am going on a DC ghost tour!  I flipping love a good ghost tour y'all, I hope the rain doesn't interfere.  I think that's about all for today, come back on Monday when I'll let you know how my goal fared over the weekend.  


That's all, really, you guys can go back to waiting in line for your stupid new iPhones now.  Seriously, people were lined up on L St. this morning to get them.  They must be joking, it's not even the 5, it's just 4s, whatever that is.  Oh, sorry, RIP Steve Jobs.

To end on a lighter note, here's a picture of one of my infamous pumpkin spice lattes in one of the greatest mugs ever: 

So adorable!  Have a great weekend team!


  1. If you are craving french fries at home, try these: Just throw them in the oven and you're done; they need no alterations.

  2. Those look amazing! I have a feeling part of my Whole Foods Groupon will be spent on these.