Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Countdown!

Woot! I am starting to get into the Halloween spirit y'all! Last night, there were several Halloween-themed shows on, and tonight is the annual airing of one of my favorite Halloween specials, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

I know this is something a semi-grown woman should be a bit past by now, but I can't help it. 


If you dress up as a member of the Peanuts (other than Pigpen, and you're a guy) for Halloween, I'll probably make out with and/or marry you.  They just make me so happy.

In middle school there were rumors we were going to do a production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown," and while it never came to fruition, I firmly believe that I would've made a most excellent Lucy Van Pelt, and I haven't even had my formal vocal training by then!  

I mean, amiright? Just look at that face!

As it was, it worked out fine, it allowed me to take a brief sabbatical before taking on the role of a lifetime the next year: Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker".  I was in high school for that one, a freshman, with the LEAD, unheard of!  Okay, so maybe it was double cast and I only got to do one show...but so what, who cares? My performance brought people to tears (those people may or may not be limited to my mother and aunt).

Naturally, I make time to watch every Charlie Brown holiday special each year.  Note, this is not as serious as Hocus Pocus night, because I own the Charlie Brown holiday specials (thanks to Emilia Bedilia) and thus I can watch them whenever I please, should I miss them on TV.

I'll also be preparing for my Halloween celebrations by making "Jell-O" in the FREE Kraft Brain-Shaped Jell-O Mold I got from Coupon Suzy.  As my former boss used to say, it's going to be really "festive".

On the coupon tip, I was unable to track down any paper circulars yesterday, but my friend Buster as well as Jaques and Gilly gave me some excellent tips!:
  1. Ask for the circulars from places that sell papers (i.e. Starbucks, Newsstands, 7-11, etc.)
  2. Go directly to the manufacturer, if they don't have coupons online, write to them and tell them you like their product, they'll probably send you some!
  3. Look through your building's recycling bin, people might think you're homeless, but the savings are worth it. (sidenote, I may have come up with this one myself)
Anywho, I might stop by my Starbucks tonight and pick up some of their leftover newspapers to see what they've got to offer.  Updates tomorrow, can you stand the excitement?

BONUS CONTEST: Because why not take a crazy chance? If you can guess the color of the "Jell-O" I'm making, and are not Hot Donna who already knows, you will be my "Reader of the Week" and get a shout out in tomorrow's entry.  Spooktacular! Extra bonus points may apply if you also "do a crazy dance".

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