Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Full of Ennui

Oh boys and girls, I'm sorry for the relatively late post today, but this morning I was immersed in a hangover of shame.  Last night, my beloved Ravens fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars (gag me).  The game was an absolute embarrassment...and there's no one to blame but myself, and maybe Joe Flacco.

I was a bad mamajama, readers. Though I watched the game at my usual sports bar, ordered my usual beer, and my usual (albeit 1/2 price on Mondays) wings, I failed to live up to my traditional attire and was given a new and strange waiter.  This combination of factors made for some strange ju-ju and the Ravens inevitably faltered.

But rest assured readers, I will be back this Sunday in my traditional garb, with my traditional waiter, and my Ravens will celebrate their traditional win against the Cardinals.

In other news, today my goal is to go onto the Safeway website and identify sale items that I need to find matching coupons for to start preparing for the extreme couponing trip, it sounds absolutely riveting, I'm sure you're all jealous.

On a related note, I should say that I had to break on of the SIA rules to allow for the purchase of three items of clothing which put me about $20 more over my "fashion" budget on Mint.  Don't worry, it yelled at me appropriately.

Before I started the SIA, I had recently gotten rid of a lot of clothes, donated them, I should say.  From jeans, to sequined vests, to my gold lame Quinceanera dress, I gave it all back to the world.  Had I already started this blog, I could have tried to sell some of it, but whatevs, I'll get paid back with good karma.

Anyhow, this purge left me with singular items of many things such as leggings, black tank tops, etcetera, etcetera; and I began wearing the things that remained much more often.  It made it easier to get dressed in the morning, but it did a number on my clothes.  Running from happy hour to gala to art opening to red carpet, things just got worn out; thus I had to buy a couple items for replacement's sake.  I view this as a necessity and so I think it's not fully cheating.

Check back tomorrow when I'll have another post about...I don't know, something.


  1. I really wish you'd kept that gold dress.

    Also, you'd be proud of me. I almost got a new (pink) french press today, but then my coworker yelled at me so I declined.

  2. This is Eric, not Jill
    ERICA!! THRIFT STORES!! Come on! If you're serious about reducing your debt and spending, it has to be a lifestyle change. Both Jill and I can always find good dress clothes in thrift stores. I know some stuff, like black leggings you probably don't want to get there, but I guarantee you could have found a black tank top. And there's got to be plenty of consignment shops where you live. If laramie has 2, you've got to have plenty. Your new lifestyle has to include going there first, if not only.

    Also, if you're going to continue to go out to celebrate each football game, then you better get rid of your cable already. Or buy your beer from a beer warehouse (in bulk to save per beer, but make it last over multiple weekends) and stay home if you're not going to get rid of cable.

  3. Thrift stores! Yes! And consignment shops, I should've thought of this before. While Forevs21 is cheap, it's not thrift store cheap.

    Asking me to get rid of my cable is like asking me to give up my child. But a beer warehouse? That's something I can really get into.