Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Madness Continues

Let's get the financial stuff out of the way first.  I did go onto Safeway's website yesterday and put together a list of things for which I should try to find additional coupons.  Then I started using a couple of coupon sites to look for those matching coups.  I tell you it is a lot harder than I thought.  After about 45 minutes of work, I had only found one thing that I could coupon to below $.50.

I think the real money is in paper coupons that are included with newspapers and grocery circulars.  The problem being, I live in an apartment, so I don't have easy access to these types of deals.  Therefore, my goal for today is to figure out a way to get these paper coupons without incurring an additional cost.  We'll see how that goes.

Onto more serious business.  Today is Hillary Rodham Clinton's birthday.  Wondering how old she is? Take a guess.  Okay, ready? She's 64.  Seriously! I was shocked, she looks great especially considering the stress the poor woman has endured over her life; a husband who has a thing for chubby chicks, a failed presidential bid, and being Secretary of State during one of the most volatile periods of world history.  Go on with your bad self, Hill-dawg.

While I respect this woman immensely, there is one thing that I just cannot condone; her apparent love affair with the scrunchie.

Hillary, amiga, I'm loving the long hair, but try a hair tie, they even sell clear ones now, tres tres chic!  And while we're on the subject, why are you wearing that broach so high? From a distance you look like a military official with half an honor bar.  You're better than that.

Perhaps what is most upsetting about this most recent choice is the fact that a majority of Americans approve of it!  What is in the water, fellow patriots?!  Check out the poll on this Huffington Post article for the most recent numbers.  

My theory is that people approve of what Hillary does, regardless of its effect on our nation's corneas.  I look at it this way, Hillary has helped us so much, why not help her by jujing homegirl up a touch?  Do your part, sign the Stop the Scrunchie petition and vote "no" in the Huffington Post poll.  We owe her that much.


  1. keep at it with the coupons. also go to manufacture's actual websites. they'll often have coupons there too you can print out. I know our local burger king has the newspaper for people to read for free, you may be able to snag some coupons from there, or see if the library will let you take coupons, since I'm sure most people don't read it at the library for the coupons. Also, check out your local library for movies to rent. they are free, and they'll get them as soon as they come out on dvd. That will save on your movie review budget. If you subscribe to any magazines, see if your library carries it. Then you can just read theirs, and not pay for a subscription. We do that, at our local library. only catch is, you can't take them home until they are a month old

  2. Go to Starbucks on Sunday and either a) take a coupon insert only, b)ask them for just a coupon insert, or c)look in the used paper basket for discarded coupon inserts. Note - option A works at the 7-11 near Ray's Hell Burger on Sunday nights....not that I've tried it or anything.

  3. Excellent tips from Jaques and Gilly and Steph...who has now earned a codename, let's say, Buster?