Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie Reviews and Day One of No Purchased Meals/Beverages

One day down, six more to go.  Yesterday it was surprisingly easy to stick to this week's goal, as there was free food at work and I had some leftover pizza from the weekend to take care of dinner. I also channeled my inner barista and made a spectacular pumpkin spice chai tea latte with real pumpkin and organic loose chai.  How Whole Foods am I right now? #whitegirlproblems

Speaking of pumpkin, Wednesday night I will be taking on the real test/point of this week's goal, cooking a legit meal.  Since you can only buy canned pumpkin in truly ginormous portions, and since my pumpkin chai/pumpkin latte recipe only calls for one or two tablespoons of it, Hot Donna and I have a lot of extra pumpkin lying around the house.  My plan is to make a pumpkin pasta dish by combining two recipes and using only things I have in the apartment already.  Pictures will be taken so that we can all judge the relative success/failure of this venture.  Peer judgement! Yay!

On one final pumpkin-related note, I have to give a shout out to my friend Squared who recommended to me Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company and their pumpkin beer varietals.  I am always looking to sample different pumpkin ales, and I found out that this is not only one of the best in the country, but also that it's available at ChurchKey/Birch and Barley, who wants in on a taste test?

Now that I've covered all my pumpkin items for the day, let's get down to the heart of the matter, my reactions to "Ides of March" and "What's Your Number?".  I'll start with "Ides of March", I saw this on Saturday at the famous Uptown Theater, and as someone who aspires to one day work on political campaigns, it was a bit unnerving.  I say that in a good way, Ryan Gosling was creepy like that weird guy in your apartment building who always holds the door for you, and there were stellar performances by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, George Clooney, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, and even, dare I say it, Evan Rachel Wood.  

You should understand how big of a compliment it is for me to praise Evan Rachel Wood.  I generally don't care for her whole deal.  I mean, the Marilyn Manson phase, the blatant ripping off of Dita Von Teese's style during said phase, the fact that she participated in the abomination that was "Across the Universe", plus she's on "True Blood" and I'm so sick of people telling me to watch True Blood.  I get it, it's okay to like "True Blood" because the characters are Southern and it's on cable so they can actually kiss and do sex and stuff, so really it's not like "Twilight", it's totally different, except for the vampires, and the love stories...and everything else.  Whatever.  As far as I'm concerned, there are three things that ERW has done right in life, "Thirteen", "The Wrestler", and now "The Ides of March".  Come to think of it, Marisa Tomei was in two of those three movies, they should work together more often.

Point of the story-"Ides of March" was a compelling political thriller with more celebrities than you can shake a stick at and more twists and turns than me pulling on my Spanx on a Saturday night.  Get ye to a theater.

Now, let's switch gears and talk "What's Your Number?".  I'll begin with saying that I cannot type the name of this film without thinking of the "Can I have your number?" sketch, thanks to my friend GT who has forever linked them in my mind.  I typically would not have chosen this movie to see on my own, but I was lured into it by promises of a shirtless Chris Evans and my social anxiety disorder...can't miss out on a group event!  

If I could make one small comment/question something, as a female, I've got something to say about a shocking new trend among shirtless men on film.  I know I've got my gays and my ladies with me now, but stay on board straight male readers, this concerns you too.  Both Dylan McDermott in "American Horror Story" and now Chris Evans in "What's Your Number?" have been shown, not only shirtless, but carrying only a towel placed delicately in front of their man parts in their respective projects.  It is quite abrupt to see, and it makes me wonder, is this a thing that happens?  When guys get out of the shower, do they just walk around their house (where their children are) or open the front door of their apartment all nude-buttocksed and twig and berries to the wind?  It's not like ladies go around gently clutching a towel only to their front sides.  It's cold! And impractical!  What's up my dudes?

Okay, back to the movie, I've basically just told you the most exciting part, you see a nearly-nude (that recalls a certain Tobais Funke's "never nude" status) Chris Evans, and brief cameos from Andy Samberg and Aziz Ansari (in voice only).  Other than that, Anna Faris is predictably funny, clumsy, and off beat...and the whole thing culminates in a giant wedding scene.  Are you surprised?  Me neither.  It's certainly not the worst romcom I've ever seen...I mean, I saw "He's Just Not That Into You"...I was just not that into it, but it certainly wasn't a Scorcese we're dealing with here.

Click on over tomorrow when I'll have some comments about "Footloose", and likely Julianne Hough's acting in particular.

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  1. Rica, I stock-piled a week's worth of your posts. Now they are read, I have muffled my office laughs, and I am left sad and empty and missing you. Everything is the worst!