Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tracking Spending Update and a Bonus Movie Review

Good afternoon amigos.  A bit of a late post today, sorry about that, but it was a rather traumatic morning.  I was walking into work, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the wind picked up and rain began beating down on me from nearby trees.  I barely escaped with my life and continued down the block to the metro.  Just as I was about to cross the street the metro entrance, the wind picked up again and what felt like a boulder with a knife on it fell right onto the top of my hand.  The pain was excruciating and I looked down to see what the culprit was only to discover...

It was an acorn.  

Not just any acorn, mind you, but the biggest most terrifying acorn I had ever seen.  I glanced back at my hand to survey the damage.  No broken bones it would seem, but the pointed end of the little nut had struck a deep long gash on my knuckle that was practically gushing blood.  I briefly considered calling out of work and heading to the ER, but we have an important meeting on written materials that I knew I could not miss.  I applied a tourniquet and soldiered on; once on the metro platform, I had managed to stop the bleeding and decided to snap a photo so that you readers could understand the severity of the situation.  I must warn you, the photo you're about to see is extremely graphic.  Ready? Okay, here it is:

I mean, good God, right?! And to think, squirrels deal with these weapons of nature on a daily basis!  Bad ass squirrels man, seriously.

So, in spending news, yesterday I spent some cash on a metro card, dinner, and some fro-yo, I wrote those transactions down like a boss.

Onto the main event, my review of "Moneyball".  Oh boys and girls did I ever enjoy this film.  I mean the money, and the ball, and the chubby pre-weight-loss Jonah Hill.  It was all so wonderful. The acting was stellar; Jonah Hill, Chris Pratt, Brad Pitt, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and co. all contributed to one fantastic display the craft that is acting.  What's more, Brad Pitt was funny.  I love funny Brad Pitt, he's my fave.  You can keep your "Benjamin Button", your "Legends of the Fall", your "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Brad Pitts, I'll take funny "Burn After Reading"/"Moneyball" Brad Pitt anytime.  

Also, did you know that Brad Pitt recently said that his favorite movie to make was "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?  You know, the one wherein he hooked up with Angelina Joskeleton behind my girl Rachel Green's back.  And he said this in public!  For all the world to hear! Ballsy Pitt, really ballsy.

My only critique was that the film was a bit long, and some of the editing made it feel slightly disjointed and choppy, but I'm being picky with this.  In my book, you can't go wrong combining baseball with statistics, because I am a dork who figured out the different ways MLB could calculate wins in a series that would be most beneficial to the Baltimore Orioles.  Yea, I did that...

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  1. The acorn situation in this town has gotten out of control.