Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yet Another Movie Review and Day Two of Operation Free Meals

Good morning all!  I assume after I told you that I was seeing a "Footloose" screening yesterday that you've been just dying to know what I thought.  Well, sit tight mes amis, we'll get to that, but first let's talk turkey, a.k.a da moneyz.

The second day of this week's goal was easy, I still had leftover stuff at home and there was a tiny bit of free food left at work to cover lunch.  Today is where things really get tricky.  I'm out of leftovers, the food at work is gone, and I'm left to fend for myself completely.  Lunch is covered thanks to Hot Donna who cooked up some delicious chicken sausage last night, and tonight for dinner I tackle the pumpkin pasta.  

It won't be easy friends, the last time I tried to cook a "creative" pasta dish like this, it was a disaster.  I made a GIANT pot of scallops and spaghetti in a white wine sauce.  It smelled delicious and was really easy to make, I thought "this is great, I'll eat for a week!".  One taste of it readers and I knew it was all for naught.  At this point I'll channel Michael Kors on Project Runway to convey the true seriousness of the situation, "It tasted like a bunch of fish got drunk on Franzia in a wheat field and then vomited on top of a giant plate of undercooked spaghetti. I'm sorry, that's just how it is."  I left it in the fridge for a few days, hoping I'd gain the courage to eat it and not waste such a massive amount of food, but it was just impossible.  It was like something they'd make people eat on "Fear Factor".

So tonight will be a test, hopefully one I'll pass.

Okay, on to the star of today's entry, the movie "Footloose".  Readers, I should tell you that I am a sucker for dance movies.  You see, despite my daily 9-5 job, my relatively calm, quiet, concrete city existence, I really consider myself to be a dancer at heart.  I was born with the music in me.  I dance at my desk, when Hot Donna is out of the apartment, while I'm waiting on the metro platform, in bars with no dance floors while people watch me uncomfortably; I dance, readers.  I tried to gain an excessive amount of weight to keep my love of the dance hidden, but it simply did not work.  My voluptuous curves only make my dancing all the more fascinating.  In the words of Amelia Bedilia quoting the seminal Broadway classic, "A Chorus Line", "I am a dancer, a dancer dances."

It was with this dancer's spirit that I entered into my experience with "Footloose" (the 2011 remake).  Things got off to a great start even before the movie began.  I answered a trivia question and got rewarded with some "Footloose" swag.  Buttons, a tote bag, posters, a cup, all for me!  I was in heaven.  Brody from the radio station WPGC led a hilarious intro to the whole evening, which included his own take on the "Family Matters" theme song, and then the lights dimmed and I waited to be dazzled.

Now, I'll admit, it's been years since I've seen the original "Footloose", and I can't quite remember if I've ever even seen it in its entirety (I know, this is shameful).  But, putting the original aside, I have to say that this year's remake was a marvel of modern film.  The lead actor was to die for, the guy playing Willard was hi-larious, and Julianne Hough wasn't all that bad.  And the dancing, readers, oh the dancing, from the rave at the drive-in to the solo warehouse performance to the spectacular choreography in the final scenes.  It gave me all the classic "Footloose" moments I remember plus a gorgeous new Boston-accented man to lust after.  I never wanted it to end, I guess you could say that "I could've danced all night".  Get it?  That's a "My Fair Lady" reference, I am a geek.

I highly recommend that you all cut loose, "Footloose", as soon as possible.

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