Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back on Track

Hello my dearies as the lovely Suze Orman would say.  Today I am proud to announce that I am back on the straight and narrow (is it actually supposed to be "straightened arrow"?).  I ask that because I have a penchant for messing up sayings like that, i.e.: "doggy dog world" instead of "Dog eat dog world" or "for all intensive purposes" rather than "for all intents and purposes".

Regardless (which I used to replace with "irregardless" which is not even a word), the point is I feel much better today about my financial endeavors.  I'm calling it a fresh start and going back to basics.  Hopefully, I will settle in by the end of the weekend and will be back to my weekly goals next Monday.

To celebrate the reboot, I am treating myself to a night of free luxuries.  You see friends, yesterday I received a very VIP, very exclusive email from No Rules Theatre inviting me to an open rehearsal of their new production of The Last Five Years.

The show itself is actually running in North Carolina, but they're doing a free run-through tonight for a very select group of people who responded to their mass email the fastest.  If you're not familiar with The Last Five Years, you should be, it's awesome.  It's a two person musical about the disintegration of a relationship/marriage told in opposing timelines.  Did I just blow your mind?! I think I did.  Gather yourself, that's gross.  Anyhow, it's the kind of show that gained minor NY fame and became a cult fave of weird theatre kids everywhere.  

"Ohmigod! Jason Robert Brown!," they exclaim, "he is life, I swear, like seriously.  He just knows, you know?"

I'm not joking, just do a quick YouTube search for "The Last Five Years" and after you find segments that amount to basically the entire show, you'll see tons of videos from recitals with kids singing these songs. Twelve year old kids singing songs about the end of a marriage.  It's friggin' hilarious.  Here's an example:

Okay, she's like 19, but you get the picture.

It will be interesting as I have never spent much time in the H St. Corridor.  It scares me a little, I mean, Northeast DC?! How do people even get there?!  I'm still firmly planted in my GW "if it's not in Northwest, I don't need to know about it," mentality...but I'm breaking out of it slowly.

Anyway, afterward, I will be utilizing this a-mah-zing Scoutmob deal I found for a free slice of Dangerously Delicious pie.  Hello, free dinner! Nice to see you! I shall hopefully be getting a slice of the "Baltimore Bomb" to pay homage to my hometown and the nickname I made people use for me in kickball (the "Baltimore Bomber").

It looks like this: 
It looks like this.  Jealous? I thought so.
Updates on these crazy endeavors to come.

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