Monday, November 28, 2011

Entering the Holiday Season In Saving Style!

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Anyhow, as most of my American readers know, this past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend.  This is one of the most economic holidays for people like me.  I'm old enough to travel home, spend time with friends, but young enough to still be considered a "child" by most of my family.  As such, no need for me to contribute anything to our Thanksgiving feast at this point in my life, so I eat for free.  Double plus bonus, the holiday generosity of parents is starting to kick into high gear, especially when you go home looking like you dipped your hair in a vat of bleach.  What I'm saying is, my momz helped me out with a new 'do. 

This applies doubly to college students.  Often, this is the first time they get to come home from school, and doting parents are just itching to shower them with food and clothes and all things parental and wonderful.  Just ask my cousin Concord, she's a freshman at Alvernia College and she definitely reaped the rewards of the student Thanksgiving.

See, Thanksgiving for young people comes at little to no cost, but it only stays that way for a limited amount of time, so enjoy it while you can.  Soon you'll be baking green bean casseroles and sweet potatoes that will never be quite as good as you remember your mom making them, and feeding those to your lovable yet terrifying younger family members.

Christmas on the other hand, while still amazing food-wise, involves the exchange of gifts, not just receipt thereof.  Read, you gotta buy some shiz.

I took several steps at combating holiday overspending this year before Thanksgiving even began.  First, I started a blog to advertise my poverty so that my family and friends' expectations weren't too high.  Second, I visited and poked around for gift ideas.  What I love about Etsy is you're supporting independent artisans and often their amazing products come at crazy affordable prices.  Plus, since you're dealing with actual people (gasp!) some of them even throw in notes and extras when they send you their stuff, it's so cool and makes the whole thing more meaningful.

Anyhow, that kept my gifts both meaningful and cost effective, and I highly recommend the site to anyone stuck on what to give someone.

I wish I had some more exciting stories to share from the holiday weekend, but for better or worse, this year paled in comparison to last year's "5 Disaster Thanksgiving".  What, you say? What were those five disasters, you ask?  Well, I shall enumerate them for you, and if any of you want to know more, I shall elaborate.

  1. Our oven caught on fire
  2. I gave my Nana ice in her Bloody Mary and caused her to vomit
  3. My Mom and Dad dropped the turkey on it's way out of the oven (causing good old Papa Mo to burn his hand)
  4. My Cousin Gabriel spilled her red wine on my mom's light yellow tablecloth...and the mashed potatoes
  5. My five year old cousin vomited on our silk dining room rug.
So yea, people ended up leaving before we could get dessert on the table.  This year was a bit more calm.

Before I wrap up, let me first bask in the glow of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for a moment.  This year was phenomenal, despite some of the less-than-stellar new talent they brought along.  Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark again?! And who were those weird old dancing guys from New Orleans.

At least the over-enthusiastic and dramatic kids from Stagedoor Manor were there to open up the show...God I love a good children's theater program.

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