Thursday, November 3, 2011

Standing Out in a Crowd

Good afternoon everyone!  I have so much to write about today, I may have to divide up the post into two parts.  I'll talk about last night's journey today and save the rest (which will include details of a very saucy dream involving Ryan Reynolds) for tomorrow. 

So, as you all know, last night was my night of free luxury.  My boss let me leave work about half an hour early so I could rush over to H St. NE for the show.  I had a plan to explore public transportation to H St. (which I now refer to as the Brooklyn of DC), but I was a little pressed for time getting there, so I had to opt for a Metro/cab combo.  I got to the theatre in plenty of time though, so that was a good choice.  One I probably should've replicated on my way home, but more on that later.

The show itself was pretty good.  They are 17 days away from opening in Winston-Salem, this was more a stage reading than a dress rehearsal.  I must sing the praises of the girl playing the character of Cathy.  In the original cast, Sherie Rene Scott sings the part, and while her voice is outstanding, she makes the character of Cathy about the most annoying, whiny person you've ever encountered.

It's like, "no wonder your husband leaves are a crazy whiny freak show."  Or, as the dearly departed Brittany Murphy would say, "You're a virgin who can't drive."  Way harsh, Tai.

Anyhow, the woman who plays her in No Rules' production did an absolutely amazing job of making the character funny and sympathetic, and the one that you actually end up rooting for, brava!

The male lead....well....okay, this is going to come out wrong, but he just played the whole thing way too gay to be believable as the love interest here.  Some may disagree (fast forward to 7:06 to see what I mean):

Anyhow, homeboy was rocking a new age shag haircut, skin tight black shirt, earrings in both ears and light wash jeans; plus his resume lists "versatile hairstyles" as a special skill.  Aside from that, he played "Schmuel" (a fictional character in one of the songs) more Barbara Streisand than Tevye if you know what I mean. C'mon now my dude, you're killing me.

All that aside, he really did have a great voice and complimented the female lead well.  I anticipate that when they open in a few weeks, Winston-Salem will be in for a real treat, check it out if you're down there.

After the show, I popped over to Dangerously Delicious to pick up my free slice o' pie.  The place was an absolute cluster (if you know what I mean-censored for my family's sake), apparently the Scoutmob deal was red hot, but it was free, so I didn't mind waiting.  I picked up a slice of Baltimore Bomb and one for Hot Donna and then I was on the road again.

Sidenote: This pie was maybe the most delicious thing I've tasted in a long time...and I've tasted a lot of things mofos.  Trust me on this.

Back to the story, my coworker and Hot Donna had each told me about this bus line that runs straight down H st. to Chinatown, so I decided to try it out and then pop on the Red Line (of doom).  I walked across the street to this little bus stop/stand and waited for the bus, which was only a few blocks down the street.

When the it got to my stop, the driver only opened the door halfway.  "What's the deal?" I thought as I pryed my way onto the vehicle.

"Ma'am, this is not a bus stop," he told me all judgy-like.

As I was already half onto the bus, so he kindly told me I could board.  "Damn right I can, fool, now open this door the rest of the way!"

I then sweetly asked the bus driver if I could use my paper fare card to board, he said, in no uncertain terms:

"A paper fare card?, are you serious? Are you asking me to use a paper farecard?"
"Yea, I get it," I said, "I have cash, what's the exact fare?"
"This girl wants to know if she can use a paper fare card," he muttered to the guy next to him.
"WHAT IS THE EXACT FARE?!," I said politely.

It was $1.70, I overpaid by $.30, but I just accepted it because by then the guy at the front of the bus was laughing at me and everyone on the bus, who were experienced bus riders I'm sure, were staring at me like I had two heads.

SORRY PEOPLE! Geeeeezzzz....

All things considered the night was not exactly "free", but definitely economical.  I think it came out to about $18, for a meal, a show, and transportation to and from the far edge of the world.

Not too shabby...

Don't forget to check in tomorrow when I'll tell you all about my theories on dreams and Ryan Reynolds...spicy!


  1. Best pie ever. I might try to recreate it for the holidays.

  2. I tried to recreate it once (with reasonable success). Just follow the recipe for pecan pie on the Karo Syrup bottle, and substitute about 1 1/2 cups of Berger Cookie pieces for the pecans. It's not exact, but very good.

  3. Aunt Renaissance for the win!

  4. Awesome, thanks! I think this should be saved for when we're snowed in or something. Because gluttony is necessary for survival in such circumstances.