Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stand up this World AIDS Day and Boycott Hershey

Hi readers! My apologies for not posting yesterday, quite a busy one at work.

Today I'm just writing a short post to draw your attention to something very important to me this World AIDS Day.

I recently learned that the Milton Hershey School denied admission to a 13 year old honor student explicitly because he is HIV positive.  This story both enraged and disgusted me, especially considering that the school defended the decision saying that the student posed a, "direct threat to the health of other students".

The Milton Hershey school claims its mission is to help underprivileged children. To me, there is no child more deserving acceptance into a school with a mission like Milton Hershey than one who has proved himself and succeeded academically in the face of the challenges placed on him given his disease.

Hershey Park was a favorite vacation destination of mine as a child, and Hershey Products (particularly Hershey Kisses) have always been present at our family's holiday gatherings and as stocking stuffers. However, this year, I have asked my family friends not to purchase me and Hersheys products this holiday season as a result of the school's decision. I am not asking anyone to join me in this, but I do hope everyone considers it as they're shopping over the coming weeks.

I've started an online petition for this cause that can be found at:

I promise to be back tomorrow with a more usual post, but today of all days, I just felt that I needed to use this platform for a good cause.

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  1. Another good reason to boycott Hershey: